Thursday, November 19, 2009

Belgian Stout

With the weather here in Portland getting colder and colder my thoughts have turned towards brewing a big bad ass stout. After a week of planning and about 20 recipe idea permutations ranging from "RIS with vanilla, chocolate and coffee added below threshold levels" to "100% Brett L. fermented stout" I settled on a less is more approach.

This recipe is heavily inspired by some of the De Dolle beers as well as Brewery Bosteel's Triple Karmeliet.

I know what your thinking."Neither of these breweries are known for brewing stouts let alone beers darker than 25 SRM"
Well im taking inspiration from their amazingly creamy rich mouthfeel courtesy of a high percentage of flaked barley and wheat.
To the base of Maris Otter and nearly 16% flaked oat, barley and wheat, ive added some crystal 120 for figgy dark sugar like notes, as well as a pound of Aromatic ( which i feel will be the malt percentage i will need to play with to get just enough of that graham crackery tastines to peek out over the roasted malts)

anyways the recipe is

Belgian Stout
1.093 OG
45 IBU (rager)
75% efficiency
7.5 Gallon Starting Volume
6 Gallon Final Volume
90 minute boil

10 lb. Marris Otter
1 lb. Aromatic
1 lb. Crystal 120
1.25 lb. Flaked Barley
.5 lb. Flaked Oats
.5 lb. Flaked Wheat
1.25 lb. Roasted Barley
.5 lb. Black Patent

1 lb. Cane sugar
1. lb brown sugar

09' Magnums 12.8%AA @ 60 minutes - 37.7 IBU
09' Yakima Goldings (EKG) 5%AA @ 10 minutes - 3.7 IBU
@ 5 Minutes - 3.2 IBU

whirlfloc @ flameout

wyeast 1214

brewed 11/21/09
-yeast pitched at 64 degrees and held there for a day before free rising to 74 degrees

- 1.020 FG, tastes spicy and estery

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