Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hop Shot/ Pils Pale

So Quinn is in love with the candy like taste of Pilsener malt and demanded a pilsener based pale ale. As the "some one who must be obeyed" in my life I obliged. I thought this would be a good chance to try out the " hopshots" that I have recently aquired.

What are hop shots you say? These are the home brew sized doses of the hop extract that the big (actually little) guys use i.e. Russian river, Avery, Lagunitas, etc. This hop extract basically separates all the flavor and bittereing compounds from a Columbus hop while leaving the hop mass behind. In a nut shell you get all the good in a handy syringe while leaving the vegetle hop mass behind. Columbus is my favorite so I was pretty stoked on this brew.

The hop extract squeezes out alot like toothpaste, all in all very weird. The literature that came with the hop shots was pretty confusing. 1 ml in 5 gallons for 60 min in a 1.050G wort equals X...easy until you get into 5 minute and flame out additions. Anyways shorthand I found that the hop shots basically work universally as a 13% AA hop addition in whatever program you use.
At this point hop bombs aren't my obsession, YesI love hoppy beers, and I fiend Pliny/the maraja/hop stoopid/alpha dog etc. from time to time, yet im far more interested in the malt. That said... as a home brewer, Holy Shit! I can't wait for the day when hop extract is available right there next to whole/plugs/pellets. If I could get a range of hops in an extract form I would brew double IPA's and Reds every day!
The wort loss from whole hops as well as the un sanitariness of whole leaf dry hopping are the main reason I like the hop shots.
anyways I'm rambling,
Here's the recipe

brewed 1/20 ish

1.054 OG
1.010 FG
5.8% ABV
44 IBU
6 Gallon
86% Eff

90% German Pils
5% Wheat Malt
5% C 50L

150 mash for 90 minutes

Amarillo pellets 8.7%AA 15 grams@ 90min - 20 IBU
Hop shot "13% AA" 5ML @ 15min - 13.5 IBU
Hop shot "13% AA" 5ML @ 10min - 11 IBU

Zeus @ 16%AA 1 oz dry hop at 35F for 1 week
Zeus @ 16%AA 1 oz keg hop

Wyeast 1098

fermented at 67 degrees for 3 days
raised to 70 and continually roused for a week
lagered at 34 degrees for about 2 weeks before dry hopping.

* again, sorry for a lack of pictures

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