Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I've brewed alot of shit recently. For posterity, here's the numbers.

Drunk Tank Ari Red ( or D - TARD)

I managed to brew this one cleanly amongst the chaos of having 7 or 8 drunken friends around ( yay me!) , most notably our good friend Ari who showed up at the beginning of the brew day 6 beers in ( go red wings! ) After asking me " your still brewing!?!????" 50 million times and letting his creepy stache near my beer twice as many, this beer carries his namesake.

One of many malt bills I've cribbed from jamil recently

86% eff

80% 2row
7% munich
7% crystal 40
3.5% crystal 120
3.5% victory

zeus 16% 1oz @ 60min
amarillo 8.6% 1oz @ 10min 1oz @ 2.5 min
cenntenial 7.8% 1oz @ 10min 1oz @ 2.5 min

dry hopped with:
1.5 oz centennial

American Mild

Inspired by the delicious "shut the hell up" i had at the alchemist pub and brewery in vermont. delicious, smells like a big double ipa yet is only 3.5 %ABV
The idea is to have a have a super sesionable, yet drinkable and hoppy beer.

1.041 OG
1.013 FG
3.5% ABV
25 IBU
80% Eff

91% marris Otter
6% Aromatic
3% Victory

Centennial @6% 14.2G at 5min
Simcoe @12.2% 7.1 G at 10 min 14.2G at 5min
Columbus @14% 21.3G at 5min 14.2G at 5 min 21.3G dry hop
Amarillo @ 9.8% 32 G at flame out

1.oz centennial
.5oz columbus

1.5 weeks @ 68degrees

keg hopped with:

an american brown with all columbus. Hoppy and resiny as fuck.
I used US 04 to see how it's fruitiness works with an american type hop and malt bill.
This yeast is a super shitty attenuator so that's where the pound of sugar comes in.
after using it a few times, I've got to give a thumbs down to US 04, while giving some very bright red apple and pear notes to a beer this yeast will just not attenuate past 6o% without adding dextrose.
I'm also feeling like columbus has changed. To me it is much less fruity and pungent compared to a few years back

American Brown


10.5 # 2 row
1 # sucrose
.50 # C - 40
.25 # C60
.25 # Victory
.50 # Chocolate

Columbus @14%

1 oz. at 20min
2 oz at 10min
1 oz at 2 min

keg hopped with:

148 degree mash


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