Monday, August 2, 2010

Fuck you Saison Dupont yeast!!!!

Yes thats right

Fuck you!

I pamper you and build you up, I give you delicious wort,I give you pure oxygen, I give you a nice warm enviroment, ( I even give you a nice warm rotating dryer to sit on), Most of all I give you ample time to finish your thing yet you still fail to attenuate past 1.020 after almost 3 weeks.
I will relish in the fact that the champagne yeast I plan to pitch next week will annihilate you and finish the job. Good riddance... that other french saison yeast's rubbery phenolics are almost seeming welcome at this point.

In other news.....

Sour Cherries!!!

Sean Picked me up 25 pounds of these bad boys last week. 11 pounds went in a dark rosemary spiced sour ale that's been sitting at around 1.014 for about a year now. I'm excited to see some new activity with this beer, and am hoping renewed fermentation will drive down the final gravity a bit.

The rest of the cherries are frozen and slated for Quinns birthday beer ( brewed on her birthday but ultimately wont be done anytime near her next). This beer is a strong malty dubbel type brew that is based on Cuvee de Tomme. I haven't taken a gravity reading in several months and probably won't until it's first birthday but I'm hoping to have this finish around 1.012 before the cherries.
Any extra cherries are going in pie

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