Sunday, September 5, 2010

Guinness plus Brett C

Randomly decided to make Guinness last weekend. I used Kristen England's number's but came up with a bit of a higher gravity because of an unexpected increase in efficiency ( thanks again FH Steinbart's for adjusting your mill) I also added some aroma hops and brettanomyces clausenii

Guinness Plus

1.050 OG
45 IBU
6o minute boil

64% Ashburne Mild Malt
16% Roasted Barley
20% Flaked Barley

152 mash for 60 minutes

.45 oz magnums @ 16%AA @ 60 minutes

1 oz fuggles@ 6% AA @ 10 minutes

1 oz fuggles@ 6% AA @ 5 minutes

fermented with US-05 at 66 degrees

one packet of Brett C pitched 24 hours after the initial yeast pitch


  1. oooh i missed that private release. good luck with this batch, should be super tasty!

  2. I don't think that this was a private release. I think it's part of the VSS line for a few months at normal yeast price and then it switches back to something that has to be special ordered. If you look closely at the picture you can see the 12$ special order price tag.

  3. awesome. the brett c was available thru wyeast april-june. unfortunately my HBS only sells white labs brett & bacteria. Your saying you can order any of the seasonal yeast year round but at a "special" price? thats good info to know. i was thinking about hitting a couple gallons of that imperial porter with a brett strain. i was originally thinking brett L with some red currants but i hear horror stories about bitterness vs sour problems. not sure how it will pair with the hops but i figure a gallon wont kill me