Tuesday, March 8, 2011


A good friend of mine who just visited town decided that he is a "celiac" and must obstain from beer, as a result he did nothing but rot his gut with excessive amounts of malic acid from cider and booze from mead. His pervasive requests for me to smell his bottle of sweet mead inspired me to brew some sort of honey concoction, ultimately a braggot.

This ones for you Jeff!

The grain bill part of the recipe basically utilizes 2 grains which to me have an exaggerated maltiness, victory giving a distinct "perfectly golden toasted wonder bread" type maltiness, and the aromatic malt giving that wonderful "sweet bread" character to the flavor and especially the nose. The 2 row in the recipe is just for enzymes to convert the specialty malt's starches to fermentables, and also for husk material for lautering.
The rest of the fermentables come from local honey, harvested from bee's which have only been pollinating fruit tree's.
I used Westamalle yeast on this one since it is so fruity and should play well with honey-ish fermentation notes.

Braggot #1

6 gal

4# 2row
1# Victory
1# Aromatic
5# Honey

Hallertau@5% .75oz@60min
.25@ 5min

wyeast 3787.

* The fermentation on this beer has been shitty to say the least. I pitched at about 62 and put the beer under a blanket with my heater to let it warm up, the next morning I woke up with a beer fermenting at 80 degrees! I cooled the beer back to 70 and checked the fermentation, the beer had only fermented about 20 points so luckinly there shouldnt be too much hot alcohol, unfortunately the fermentation has been dragging since I cooled the beer. Hopefully it will ferment out to dryness without having to mess around with the fermentation.

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  1. Hi there, Paul! Long time no see (err.. long time no write seems to fit beter).

    Couple of weeks ago we received a visit of some businessmen from Germany, one of them with celiac disease.

    Of course having the oportunity of gathering with some beer experts, i offered them samples of my homebrewed beer.

    That was when I was told - by the man who´s celiac - that the fermentation process degenerates the gluten contained in Barley.

    I do not know if it is true or false, but he had plenty of beer.

    The only thing he asked me was if the fermentation was completed, and if the beer had any wheat on it.

    According to this guy, wheat is poison for who is celiac, but barley don´t.

    I must confess I have to research more about this...