Saturday, December 26, 2009


Just finished up brewing my Christmas Quad. I opted for a much simpler recipe than anything Belgian Ive done before, allegedly this is more true to how they are brewed in Belgium (debatable)
Either way I will also be brewing a similar gravity Quad using the everything and the kitchen sink method that seems to be so popular at some highly regarded American breweries.
Even with the simple recipe I chose to favor a certain malt profile. This beer is highly geared towards the belgian browns that are very raisiny and fruity. Some don't care for this flavor but I can't get enough.
I chose a blend of Chimay's and Westmalle's yeast, from what Ive heard this should give off lots of fruit when young but mature into a more subtle complexity.
As a side note I had terrible efficiency on this batch which I'm blaming on fly sparging. I was inspired to try fly sparging ( instead of batch sparging) after brewing with Sean. I should have known better, any time Ive ever deviated from my super anal, ghetto but tried and true brew day process it ends up being bad news. It is nice to not have to vorlauf 3 times though.....

6.25 gallon batch
Shit efficiency
30 IBU
1.090 OG

79% Pilsner
7% British C 135 - 165
2.3% British C 80 - 95
7% D2 Syrup
5% Cane sugar

Mashed for 90 minutes at 150 - 152 F

Yakima Goldings @90 minutes

yeast pitched at 64 F


  1. Sure buddy, blame it on me... ; )
    The recipe looks good. How much syrup does that work out to? Is that percentage by weight, I take it?

  2. yeah, 1.5 Lbs or a package and a half. Quite a bit.
    I decided to push things a little past what alot of the belgian brewing literature reccomends, as Ive never quite gotten the flavors Im looking for using those recipes.