Sunday, January 17, 2010

Freezer Cleaning

Time to clean out the freezer and make use of all those hop odds and ends, it's not ideal but makes you feel like your getting a deal when you purchase all your other supplies.
This recipe is a riff on beers like Stone's Arrogant Bastard, big caramel, big bitterness, big aroma and big alcohol.
I ended up brewing this about a week or 2 ago.

Cascadian Red Ale huh?
6.5 Gallons
1.072 OG
82 IBU
16 SRM
8% ABV
75% Eff

89% American 2 row
3% Victory Malt
8% British C 135 - 165

30G Magnums 12.8%AA @60min
60G Ahtanums 8%AA @5min
48G Simcoe 12.7%AA @5min
32G Centennial 10.2%AA @5min
20G Chinook 13%AA @5min

48G Amarillo 8.9%AA Dry Hop

wirlfloc and servomyces @ 10 minutes

mashed @ 148 degrees for 90 minutes

Fermented at 68 degrees with us-05

checked gravity and tasted the beer today after cold crashing at 32 degrees for 2 days. I'ts at 1.012 and I can't believe how balanced it is and how much it is lacking aroma and flavour.
Balanced is ok but if i were to re brew something similar I would definitely shoot for around 100 IBU's to get the aggressive bitterness I was looking for. I'm also looking into steeping for around 10 minutes post boil before chilling for aroma since im not getting enough with massive late charges.

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