Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dictator Of Hops For Life

Bitch's ain't shit!
This beer is gross. Big for Bridgeport but the hop variety's they chose are gross. oniony and pungent, yuck! It's rare for a sixer to stick around for a few days at my house yet this one did.
That said the retarded image and name have also stuck around for a while at my house ( sneaking up on your lady telling her your the "hop czaaaaaar" never gets old)

anyways, I brewed a big bad ass ipa myself named "Dictator of hops for life"
It's basically a blind pig clone. I've brewed this one before and it's the type of IPA I like, aggressive high cohumulone bitterness, and big centenialish aroma and flavor hops. The only major process change is the warm steeping at the end of the boil. I basically add my flame out hops and then cover the boil kettle for about ten minutes before starting the chiller. Ideally this mimics commercial breweries "whirlpool" and will extract more flavor from the late hops whithout letting too much DMS form. It should be interesting to see how much this will increase the late hop character of the beer as well as how much added bitterness i get from the hops sitting in the kettle an extra 10 minutes.

anyways the recipe is


1.068 OG
6.5 ABV
86% eEff
7 Gallons

90% 2 row
3.5% wheat malt
3.5% C- 40
3.5% Carapils

42g Chinook (13.0%) - 60.0 min
15g Cascade (5.8%) - 30.0 min
28g Cascade (5.8%) -
15.0 min
15g Amarillo (8.5%) -
2.0 min
15g Simcoe (13.0%) - 2.0 min
8g Amarillo (8.5%) - dryhop
8gSimcoe (13.0%) - dryhop
15g Cascade (5.5%) - dryhop

28gCentennial (10.0%) - dryhop


pitched and fermented at 67 degrees

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