Sunday, January 31, 2010

Quinn's Anarchy Wheat Wine

I'm taking no credit for this brewday as it was Quinn's beer and i was pissed for the majority of it. I probably shouldn't post it, but what the hell? Heres for posterity sake ( oh and this beer actually tastes AMAZING going into secondary)

A wheat wine based on an excellent Smuttynose example we had in Vermont over the summer as well as the beautifully hopped Barley Wine that the local favorite Walking Man Brewery makes. The idea with this one was to have a focused malt profile with all caramel/melanoidin based flavors coming from the extended boil. Quinn used some nice clean magnums for most of the IBU's along with lots of late hopping with fuggles for a nice woody, green hop flavor that should meld well with some of the ester that the wyeast 1028 puts off.

This massive beer was brewed on our Sunday. The only major issues with this beer where:

A. I had brewed the previous 2 days and had no interest in helping
B. Whether or not the mash would fit in our mash tun was never looked into pre brew
C. The kettle that was used was not marked for volume so the boil was wonkity
D. The brew day which consisted of a 3 hour boil started late in the evening

The Massive mash which had to be mashed and maintained in two separate vessels.

Quinn maintaining the mashes'

when added together the main mash filled up about 13 to 14 gallons of my keggle tun

I believe this is what happened

6.5 Gallon batch
100ish IBU
73% eff
9.5 Gallon pre boil volume
1.075 pre boil OG
152 degree mash

59% Marris Otter
61% Red Wheat Malt

57G Magnum@ 13.5% @ 90 minutes
28G Fuggles@ 4.75% @ 15 minutes
28G Fuggles@ 4.75% @ 10 minutes
28G Fuggles@ 4.75% @ 5 minutes

pitched a massive starter of wyeast 1028 at around 64 degrees. Took off to around 70 degrees in the first 12 hours or so before quickly being taken down and holding at 67 degrees

This mess from cleaning a carboy is probably why our roomate is moving out. (whoshitthetub?)

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