Sunday, January 17, 2010


Cascadian Albino Saison

I've got a nice little saison next to me happily bubbling away at 80 degrees as I type. I've only used the dupont and the french saison strains before so I'm excited to taste this beer which uses WL 566 (allegedly dupont but with another strain that attenuates faster)
My recipe is very simple, just 2 to 1/3 split of belgian pils and belgian pale with a pinch of carafa2 for color ( in retrospect I have no clue why i added the carafa2, being a cascadian, I should have just added 3 quarter pounds black malt)
anyways the rest of this beer is heavily riffing on brewery Fantome's wonderful Saison Printemps, a beer I look forward to every spring. Fruity esters,grassy lemony aromatics, lactic tang and that classic mustiness.. yum

Dupont for Dummies
7.5 Gallons
1.061 OG
33 IBU
90% eff*

72% german Pils
28% Belgian Pale
.25% Carafa 2

.5Lb Cane sugar

49.6G Hallertauer 4.6AA @ 90min
14.2G Hallertauer 4.6AA @ 5min
28.5G Crystal@ 4.8% @ 5min
28.5G Crystal@ 4.8% @ flameout
5g lemon rind @ 10 minutes**

wirlfloc and servomyces at flameout

mashed at 146 for 120 minutes

chilled to 170 and pitched 1 package of lactobacillus

oxygenated and pitched WL566 12 hours later

fermenting at 78 - 80 degrees

dry hopped with 46G styrian goldings for 2.5 weeks
brett brux was added along with the dry hops

* i somehow got 90% eff on this brew ( I ground my grain super fine and mashed for extra long this time) anyways I ended up dumping a gallon of run off and replacing with water to hit my numbers.

** As I drank a bottle of Printemps post brewing i realized that the beer most likely just has lemon juice added to the fermentor. If I were to brew this again I would cut the lemon rinds and crystal hops out, late hop more with the Hallertauer and add some lemon juice before bottleing.

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