Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Autumn Ale

Autumn Ale

1.070 OG
1.015 FG
35 SRM
46 IBU
60 min boil
6.25 Gal. at the end of the boil

10# 2 row
1 # Brown Malt
.75# Black Malt (british)
. 25# C - 55 (british)
4 # Yams roasted at 315 for about 2 hours (until sweet and dripping all over the roasting pan), then mash with a fork and add to the mash*

1 vanilla bean chopped
a big pinch cinnamon
a pinch:

all @ flameout

The spice additions are next to nil. I plan to adjust this post fermentation for a much more dialed in flavor.

10 oz. Molasses @ 10 minutes

12 oz. Maple Syrup @ 0 minutes

152 mash
cal ale yeast

the initial fermentation has been a bit hot. 70 degrees for the first few hours.
I just put it in a water bath to set in in nicely around 67.

Oh yes,

We had a party recently so I must show the amazing out door keggerator design...It's 11th hour but I'm pretty happy with it.


  1. Looks good, but you know what would really make it taste like autumn? A big fuckin' turkey leg, and maybe some savory stuffing spices. It's not too late!

  2. I can't decide if I want to age this on American or French bread stuffing cubes