Friday, August 20, 2010


So I've finally decided to make a beer that I've been mulling (no pun intended ) over a long time. Pumpkin spiced beer! That wonderful beer that you only want 6 of a year.
Anyways I long ago decided to eschew the traditional route which usually consists of a grain bill mimicking pie crust, most often this seems to contain aromatic, and special malt for exaggerated munich notes as well as some sort of biscuit/victory type malt for all the fresh cooked dough notes.
My beer is a brew inspired by the nebulous between old ale / brown stout / and pumpkin beer, quite a void.


Autumn Ale

1.080 OG
1.015 FG
8 % ish
32 SRM brownish darkish nessish
38 - 45 ish IBU
60 min boil
6.25 Gal. at the end of the boil
78% Efficiency

10# 2 row
1 # Brown Malt
.75# Black Malt (british)
. 25# C - 55 (british)

other things! -







Randy Mosher OUT!

4 # yams slowly roasted until carmelized and then added to main mash until carmelized.

.75 # Black Treacle added at 10 minutes

9 oz. maple syrup added at flame out or possibly during the end of fermentation.


all added to taste

The goal is a brew that has an alcohol presence in both sweetness and spiciness. The malt character should be mostly caramel and roast notes which should ideally blend together enough so that they seem like they are on the same flavor continuum. Toffee caramel, smooth espresso like roastiness, backed up by the toast/ cocoa notes from the brown malts.

and then all those spices plus yam( allegedly it tastes more like pumpkin in beer than pumpkin does)

cal ale yeast for this one.

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  1. Suggestions? Yeah, have fun with that stuck mash! At least mine did really bad last time, but I pulped the squash. So maybe keep it in cubes or something.

    I had a nice pumpkin stout a cask festival in NYC, I don't remember who brewed it, but it was the best beer there in my opinion.

    Also, go back and read number 4 again ; )